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There was a time when gay men meant a lot of things to me, but “I’m the love of a man’s life” always topped the list. He loved me, and I loved him. He was not in the closet, and I was not either. He would come out of the bathroom where he was changing and we would stand there for several minutes just talking. He never wanted me to stop loving him and I never wanted him to. We were the most perfect couple. Once, when I heard the words, “We’re married,” I wondered if we’d always been married and if the priest had just changed the name on the license. He also thought I was his wife. I could have sworn that day he was my husband. The only thing that made me suspect anything was the way he looked at me, as if he knew that he was mine and would always be my husband. My love was undying, but he was my only reason for living. He was 43 years old and I was 53. He was supposed to be retired and already had two “retiree” friends in the area. He worked as a draftsman, he said. He liked it. I was the first one to retire. He thought he was a late bloomer. We were lucky. We never had to worry about money, at least I didn’t. My husband usually went to the mailbox first thing every morning and pulled out the mail for me. He had his own apartment, and I had mine, but he went to my house some nights when the weather was nice and we were in our backyard having drinks. He could smell the honeysuckles in the air. Honeysuckles were nice and flowers were nice, but I preferred those kisses. We usually ended the day at home watching TV. I tried to watch the news but I never seemed to be interested. All I wanted was to spend time with my husband, go to his place and talk to him. He had no idea how I could talk to him. He listened, and I talked about everything. He was in his element. But every so often he would do something different. It was as if he saw something on the ceiling and decided to do something different. I hated doing laundry. I watched TV when he was in the shower and cleaned the house when he went to his place. One night while he was

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