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uTorrent is one of the best BitTorrent clients out there, partly because it’s lightweight and easy to use. We argued that it would be a more suitable alternative to VPN-based BitTorrent clients, as it offers a reliable, reliable solution for torrenting anonymously. nd the most important thing is that it has a really simple to use interface.

The best BitTorrent clients for Android devices are mostly based on the Vuze/Sun Java app, which is decent enough, but lacks things like a dedicated tracker search engine. Getting on an Android device and just firing up Jackdaw allows you to torrent anonymously and access all of the popular side-channels that Vuze offers, like TVSTalker & TVMDB.

The best BitTorrent clients for Windows are more commonly known for having a trackers search engine built in, but that usually comes with a catch. When you use a particular tracker, you then have to deal with various registration and authorization steps. This is why we think that BitTorrent clients that work without a private or public tracker are more beneficial.[hot-crack[updated-download-300-mb