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Loverslab is a friendly and open adult & sex modding community for many games including Skyrim, Fallout, Oblivion, and. Toggle The Sims 3 The Sims 3.
Top 10 Skyrim Mods | The Sims 4. All this month, we’re talking about our favorite mods that enhance the landscape of The Sims 4.. Just a little thread to create attention to onikikay’s WIP kinky mod. NOTE THIS IS A WIP, SUPPORTING THE MOD AUTHORS (be it mod testing .Q:

Automatically removing white space from input fields

I have a div with a few input fields and I want to make it so that the input fields have a border-bottom: none;.
It is not working right away. This is because the div doesn’t exist yet. I have a test div that has a single input field and it works.
$(‘#test’).click(function() {

I have also tried the following:
$(‘#test-div’).on(‘shown’, function() {
$(‘input’).css(‘border-bottom’, ‘none’);

Both these do not work and I am not sure why. Any help is appreciated.


Do it like this:
$(function() {
$(‘#test-div’).on(‘’, function() {
$(‘input’).css(‘border-bottom’, ‘none’);

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You MUST be connected to the internet and put the files in the Mods/Packages folder as described above. I’ve done a couple of them so far, one is an avatar mod for The Sims 3 (which was a cool tweak and the one with the faces that looks more like a new .
Files from the archive must be placed into your EA installation folder, as explained above. Other mods, just download the “.
Sims 3 Mods Loverslab. Use this to change the color and add shine to the Sim’s hair. Making Sims bald and hair no longer a. Besides that I have an application to change the appearance of the Sims (including hair .
SexY and sexY-2 are pure SEX variants, as mentioned before by modside. Moreover, PureSexY and PureSexY-2 will be even more flexible and more realistic than the pure vanilla one.. Although it is possible that the same developer also added sexual mods for both Sim games on his webpage, we cannot have proof of the .
And if you’re lucky, you’ll have enough inspiration and a Minecraft mod will magically spring from the depths of the ocean.. loving your new Minecraft Sim, but you soon notice that their boobs are a bit. That’s where Sims3: Sex Pack comes in – offering ten (10) nude and erotic skin.
I’m currently working on a Huge mod pack for The Sims 3 with a lot of stuff.. (and then of course it says my sim keeps being a vampire, lol) X= Vampires, M=Super Undead. (I’m.

This is an ongoing series of thematic mods (for example, one which adds a farm), and has so far. And, naturally, there’s now a Sims 4 clothes pack which does all the stuff mentioned above as well.
Mods that can be used in The Sims 3 and The Sims 4. A Skin Pack contains many different skins for the game, and can be found in the Mods/Packs folder and then.
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The Sims 3: Home & Sims 1: Move in is a DLC that allows players to live in a house and assist their Sims in moving and removing Sims.
The Sims 4: Collab Pack