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Set in the same world as RE6, but in a completely new universe, Pandora sees Leon, Chris and Ada return to Raccoon City to find out who’s behind the zombie outbreak. Their search leads them to a facility called the Seed Vault, in the middle of the desert of Arizona.

Pandora completely re-orientates the series plot by placing RE6 in a new setting, but without removing the core gameplay and motifs, with the action, horror and survival mechanics being re-tooled in order to make the resident Evil experience better.

With a jump-in/jump-out gameplay, the Trench sees Leon, Chris, Jake and Ada depart from the Seed Vault to investigate a chamber full of terrible creatures. Completing the investigation will give players the chance to find out how the C-virus was created and what this means for the fate of the world. The Trench features both solo and co-op gameplay.

We are a small Mods group, we want to merge as a bigger one, we are all modders before this project was released, we just want to make a grateful contribution to the mod, and hope that the community will benefit from this and approve of the mod.