Printshop Mail 6 1 Full Version

PrintShop Mail Suite is a complete print/mailing solution that enables users to produce finished mail pieces that meet the highest standards of the printing industry. Our mail inserter (PrintShop Mail Web) is web-enabled and offers incoming mail as well as incoming fax/printout in its powerful print/mailing solution. This powerful production software is available on all platforms such as Windows NT/2000/XP, Linux, Solaris, VMS and AIX platforms. Our PrintShop Mail Suite can be customized to meet your specific requirements: annual reports, direct mail, newsletters, brochures, catalogs, direct orders, point-of-sale applications, CD inserts, SmartPost Lite, SmartPost Pro, SmartPost Mail and EMail.

Free exportable files, built-in proofing, font and graphic separation, and rich editing features make PrintShop Mail Suite one of the most powerful and user-friendly solutions on the market (PDF file). The solution is available on all platforms such as Windows NT/2000/XP, Linux, Solaris, VMS and AIX platforms. It works on all types of printers, even the most complex.

The Mac Mailer is a Mail-Merge program that merges two text files into a temporary file and then runs the print merge tool. The temporary file can be printed out using the printer’s built-in print merge feature. The Mac Mailer can also be used to combine multiple documents into one mail document. The mail merge tool allows you to design a custom text file with a predesigned layout and merge the content of this file with any database.

The Mail Construction Panel lies at the heart of PrintShop Mail. This panel delivers familiar functionality, from file-based mail creation to advanced mail design. Our redesigned panel is a better way to configure an efficient and error-free mail production workflow. The vast array of functions available in the Mail Construction Panel make it ideal for automating mail production and processing. It allows users to drag and drop layout components directly from the Mail Construction Panel onto a print layout.