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]]>If you are using any of the big name social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace and others, you may be wondering just how many friends you have.
One of the questions that most users who have a Facebook account ask themselves is how many friends they have. Some friends you may have are your real friends and others are just acquaintances.
While on the subject of acquaintances, one should always be careful not to befriend people who will use their Facebook account in an unappreciative manner. A lot of people fall into this category, since they often want to show off the number of friends they have.
What is the maximum number of friends you can have?
The maximum number of Facebook friends you can have depends on the site itself, but the limit is set to 250. This limit has been in place since 2006 and the maximum number of Facebook friends you can have was set by the developers.
If you have reached the limit of friends that you can have on Facebook, then you may have to delete some people you may have listed as your friends or unfriend them. This will either make your account look cleaner or messier, depending on how many friends you have.
Why do I have so many friends?
The main reason as to why you have many friends is due to the fact that most of them are actually your real friends. This is because Facebook is a social networking site that you can use to keep up with friends from all over the world.
These friends may be from school, university or any of the online communities where you belong. This is because most of them are of the same interest, thus you tend to see many of them listed on your profile.
Furthermore, many people keep a list of their friends in a contact list that is separate from Facebook. This is mainly because when you are done with Facebook, you simply copy the contacts from the list and paste them on Facebook.
If you are still searching for a reason as to why you have many friends, then the answer is pretty simple.

The fact is that if you are active on Facebook, you are automatically listed as a friend. However, it is possible to remove friends from your profile if you have had enough of them.

How do I find the number of friends I have?

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KeyMacro is a lightweight tool that allows users to create macros of their computer functions in a convenient way. Macros will help you automatically perform specific tasks, and let you perform them anytime, anywhere, and in any order.

Your Mac keyboard becomes a real-time natural language input tool that can learn over time. With KeyMacro you can use the Mac keyboard to access the Mac operating system and the internet, and you can take advantage of natural language input to type characters and text in an intuitive way.
Developed by the pioneering team behind Mac OS X Speech Recognition Technology, KeyMacro is able to use natural language to input text into any Mac application. You can type faster and more accurately than you ever thought possible. No matter what you want to achieve, KeyMacro will let you type as if you were speaking in a real conversation.
A natural language input tool for the Mac
KeyMacro is a natural language input tool that utilizes natural language processing to let you type faster and more accurately than you ever thought possible. You can type faster and more accurately than you ever thought possible. No matter what you want to achieve, KeyMacro will let you type as if you were speaking in a real conversation.

PowerPlant.™ For Mac, is a simple, natural language speech input application designed for the Mac. PowerPlant.™ is an application that takes advantage of the latest Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard APIs and AppleScript to create simple voice activated dictation systems. PowerPlant.™ for Mac enables you to effortlessly control your Mac computer from your Mac keyboard without having to navigate through menus and dialog boxes.
New and exciting features in PowerPlant.™ for Mac include:
* Support for multiple languages
* Automated learning of new languages
* Learn new languages in seconds
* Support for advanced natural language processing
* Pre-configured language files for PowerPlant.™ for Mac
* Precise and accurate voice recognition
PowerPlant.™ for Mac will take full advantage of your Mac computer’s speaker system and your Mac computer’s Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard API, to create a simple, natural language application that is easy to use, simple to operate, and which is a joy to use.
* Pre-configured language files are supplied for PowerPlant.™ for Mac
* Complete language files are provided for PowerPlant.™ for Mac

Natural Speech UI (NSUI) is a native Mac OS X

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An Antivirus utility is an essential tool for your PC as it safeguards the system from viruses, Trojan horses, worms, adware, dialers and spyware and gives you a defense from spyware and other malware. You also need to be careful and manage your time and money wisely.

Technology now helps us to save time and reduce work, but it will not satisfy our needs.
If you’ve ever had an idea of how to change something in your daily life and did not know how to implement it, but you knew it can be done easily, then perhaps you have had thoughts about creating an application for the Windows Store.
Antivirus scanner x86
Antivirus scanner x64
Outlook antivirus
Main tools of Antivirus
Scans open files
Ransomware detection
True Crypt format
Backup of your data
Firewall protection
Windows Defender options
Suspend Run

While some people spend a whole year on preparing for their SAT, others wait until it is their turn to take the test. If you are among those who have not yet booked their SAT, don’t worry. You can take this test online.

You can download the first part of the assessment, which consists of math and critical thinking questions, for free. There are 14 multiple choice questions with answers and 4 short answer questions with answers in addition to the online SAT practice test.

A portable audio player is a device that is very useful to travel with. It can be small, portable, durable, and stylish. People love music and they want to have a device which can help them to enjoy their favorite tunes.

Looking for affordable Android game downloader tool then check out Antimalwarebytes.com. Here you can download several Antivirus apps like X-Marks, AVG, Emsisoft etc at a very affordable cost.

You can visit the site and download the Antimalwarebytes app. It is one of the best-known antivirus applications with a wide range of features.
It can check the applications installed on your PC and remove all threats, which are found by the antivirus scanner.

If you are planning to get an iPhone 8/8+, then you might be interested in the power control applications which allow you to control the settings of your device using the provided smartphone application.

First of all, the

What’s New In OnTop Notepad?

The program was designed to create and capture screen captures and video recordings. It can quickly capture anything you want to record and then easily save it as a single file. The built-in video capture system can record any videos you may need, including webcam, video files, and more. Capture anything in the system

MorphOS Free is a new version of the MorphOS system. It is free to use and distribute. It is now in the new version 1.9. This release introduces: A new wallpaper. A new calendar. The ability to remove and add programs on your desktop. A taskbar. The new hardware support. It also fixes some bugs in the previous version. To install this new version you should use the installation package located in the MorphOS Free installation directory.

The j2cl (Java 2 command line) is an intermediate and advanced tool that can be used to interact with the Java Virtual Machine from a command-line shell.
It can be used to compile, link, debug and run Java programs, and it is in many ways the ultimate Java program.
It is extremely useful for building the foundation for a host of Java programming tools such as jdb and the GNU Compiler for Java, jikes and jikes-examples, and a great many others.
Its source code, and the classes, functions, and methods it provides can be used as is, or as the basis for building the ultimate Java development tool.

ModOut is a Modulator for OGG, MP3, FLAC, WMA, WAV and OMA (Ogg Media Alliance). It can create modulators to individual MP3 files or to a folder. It supports mp3 normalization and was designed to be very easy to use.

X-SEED Open is a program, which contains the latest build of the PC version of the game Granblue Fantasy 2. It was developed by Cygames, Inc. for the PC platform and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Granblue Fantasy 2 is the second game in the Granblue Fantasy series and is a sequel to Granblue Fantasy. The English version was released on December 7, 2016, in Japan.

Easy Launcher is a small but powerful launcher, designed to be very fast, light, and simple to use, but with many features.
Key Features:
– Super fast and responsive, with a minimum of lag.
– Highly customizable with themes, and a number of skins (interface).
– A notification area that allows you to monitor your system and your applications with a simple click.
– Shortcuts to directly access the more important applications installed on your system.
– Virtual desktop that can be configured to automatically extend your applications to another desktop, and to open a window in the right desktop.
– Network transparency that allows you to access your applications from remote systems and


System Requirements:

* Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8 with minimum 2.0 GHz Dual-Core CPU or Intel Pentium 4 CPU and 1 GB of RAM (2 GB recommended)
* 1 GB of available hard-disk space for installation
* DirectX 9.0c with Shader Model 2 or later (and latest driver updates)
* ATI Radeon® HD 3870 or GeForce® GTX 260 graphics with Shader Model 3.0 or later
* Broadcom® 2.4 GHz 802.11n WLAN with WPA2 security
* 2