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New! Download Llamaworks2d Free

The LlamaWorks2D game object encapsulates all of the game’s data. It provides functions for positioning, rotating, and scaling the game with code that doesn’t include any tile coordinates or a data file.

The pre-made entities in the extlib (external library) in Figure 4.1 are sprite objects. In this application, I have created a sprite named ball. (Remember that sprite objects represent game entities, not pixels.) The sprite has a function called Draw to draw the game’s displayed object, ball, onto a bitmapped image (or your screen).

LlamaWorks2D comes with the extlib/external library of sprite objects. The extlib/external library also includes lots of other stuff you might need. For instance, the extlib in figure 4.1 includes a sprite object named door, which it uses to control the door in the game. The extlib also contains a lot of functions that the sprites use to move and change their appearance.

By contrast, the extlib might not have any game-related objects because they might not be needed. The extlib is just a design library. The operations in the extlib only need to be part of the library because the extlib itself doesn’t have to be very large. The extlib is meant to be one or two files.