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My Husband Is A Mafia Boss Book 2 Pdf

Genovese died on February 14, 1969, at the age of 62 at the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary. He was declared dead by the U.S. medical examiner in New York as a result of terminal liver cancer, because his body had gone 51 days without food.[16] While he was dying, he gave a few details about the crew’s new boss, his brother Carmine

Luciano was paroled from the prison on February 10, 1962. As he left, Luciano announced that he was coming home, he was coming back to America and he would take over the Mafia family.[75] He returned to New York and began to make plans to relaunch his crime family with the help of his allies. He immediately returned to his old haunts, however, he soon had to vacate Greenwich Village. Luciano had contributed to the Greenwich Village mob’s delinquency and gambling activities with a $25,000 loan that was never repaid.[76] In the following years, the Mafia would effectively evict the entire Village mob from its old neighborhood.[76] In addition, a closed-circuit system was set up to monitor restaurants and bars frequented by Luciano, his allies and their families. That way the rival groups could not engage in criminal activities together. While it is debatable whether the system was ever strictly enforced, it was a protection for Luciano and his allies, as many other Mafiosi feared being murdered if they continued to associate with Luciano. His paranoia that the other mob families would murder him only grew stronger during his time in Brazil. In addition, Luciano openly threatened them with death if they ever went back on their word to him.

Still, as his power and trustworthiness increased, Luciano’s allies, including his younger brother, Frank, also rose in the hierarchy. For example, Vito sold his bar in Florida to Joe Masseria as a token of loyalty. Similarly, Joe “Mad Dog” Ligambi received a piece of Vito’s family’s New York restaurant empire.[76]

He had a narcotics supplier based in Louisiana who was also the head of the Lucchese family. One day in the early 1950s, he called them to let them know that Genovese wanted to take care of “this business in New Orleans”. He was referring to the narcotics controversy that was going on there. At that time, this dealer had angered a couple of big New York bosses. These two families gathered together to plan the end of his business in New Orleans. Genovese got wind of the plan and decided to take care of it himself. He had his crew carry out the ambush. They murdered the drug dealer and his family. He convincingly tells the story and everyone is satisfied. Everyone except for the family of the dealer.