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Remove same letter from a string

i am trying to remove letters from a string that contain the same character.
For example
this is a string with the same character: aa
I want to remove the aa from the string (a = aa)
I don’t know how to do it with regular expressions, is there a function i can use?


I assume you want to remove a list of characters.
you can use
str.replace(re.compile(‘[AA]’), ”)

But you should be aware of the following

using regular expressions can be error prone
since you cant use ‘
‘ for splitting it can be hard to handle a line break in your data
and for what its worth you can see that this implementation would fail to remove the character from aab, but when you split it with a line break it will give a match.

How can you find this out without the use of Regular Expressions?
As a second approach you could use a list as an attribute:
class S(object):
def __init__(self, item, list):
self.item = item
self.list = list

and add your items to the list:
items = [‘a’, ‘A’, ‘aa’, ‘AAA’]

and just iterate over them.
for i in items:
print i