Koka Shastra In Urdu Pdf File [UPDATED] 🏁


Koka Shastra In Urdu Pdf File

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Most efficient way to determine a sublist in R?

I have a list containing ~1000 objects:
lista <- list(a=1:3, b=4:6, c=7:9, d=10:12) I have another list containing ~1000 objects: listb <- list(x=rnorm(10), y=rnorm(10)) And I want to determine whether x is in lista or in listb. I know that I can check each pair of objects one by one in this way: # code to loop through all pairs of elements in lista and listb (for ~1000 elements) but I am looking for a more efficient way to do that, for example by using a loop or function from Base R that can generate this vector for me: c(TRUE, TRUE, TRUE, FALSE, FALSE, FALSE, FALSE, FALSE, FALSE, FALSE) i.e., a list with TRUE in each position where a member from listb is found in lista, and FALSE otherwise. The

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How to hide a marker that is rendered in a map using a search/filter component that is rendered on another component

I’m currently trying to hide a marker that is rendered in a map using a search/filter component that is rendered on another component.
This is the basic idea of how I’m doing it:
{this.setState({markers: this.state.markers.filter(
(m) => this.filterMarker(m.title) === true)})}}
onLoad={() => {this.setState({markers: this.state.markers.filter(
(m) => this.filterMarker(m.title) === true)})}}
onRegionClick={region => this.setState({region})}