DocRAID is a useful and effective piece of software whose purpose resides in offering you the ability to protect sensitive documents from prying eyes, relying on the AES-256 encryption algorithm, fragmentation and distribution of data.
Initial configuration steps
Subsequent to the installation, you need to setup an account by entering a username and password. These will be requested every time you wish to log into the application.
The main window of DocRAID lets you create new workspaces, view the files they comprise or lock currently open ones; also, you can work with the ‘Tools’ that it provides.
Create mountable workspaces in which to store important data
For starters, you need to create a workspace, specifying its name, then the password that will be used to secure it. You can also drag and drop keyfiles in a dedicated field, should you wish to employ an added level of protection.
Next, you can indicate the storage space you wish to use, for instance a cloud service, a local folder or a removable memory device. The ‘Expert Setup’ option enables you to use ‘SFTP Servers’ as storage spaces. In total, you can work with three different locations simultaneously.
Once the workspace is created, you can mount or lock it at any moment. It allows you to add the files or directories that you need from the context menu options, while by right-clicking items in the selected folders, you can rename or duplicate them, as well as share them via custom download links which will expire in a custom amount of time.
A practical data protection utility
To sum it up, DocRAID is a reliable and easy to understand program which aims to help you secure your most important files and directories, while also letting you share them with coworkers or friends.







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A Mac utility that is simple and easy to understand

Can be set to protect a variety of files and folders

It allows you to log on with an account

The application can be installed for free

The free version includes several useful functions

It can be used to protect documents, images, video files or folders

File security system

This software allows you to add multiple levels of protection by using one single click, including password for viewing, password for editing and encryption for editing.

Additional features

Drag and drop

Drag and drop is the most useful way to move files from one location to another

Additional mounting options

In order to protect an unmounted location, users can mount it in any folder of their choosing

Browse drives for files

Users can browse their drives to find the files they need to upload


Each workspace can be configured to help you decide where to save a file for later use


DocRAID supports Windows 7 and later

Supported file formats


Access time

Every 30 minutes or so, the encryption system performs a thorough check on each file to ensure security

Hidden files

Accessible via the terminal and the Preferences dialogue

How to Install DocRAID on Windows

DocRAID Setup Pro

Download the installer from the official site (

Unzip the downloaded archive and launch DocRAID Setup Pro.

Click on the ‘Run’ button

Next, run the executable located in the installation folder. When asked, enter your Windows credentials to continue.

Once the software is installed, open DocRAID by clicking on the Windows tray icon

DocRAID Free

Download the free version ( from the official site.

Unzip the downloaded archive and launch the DocRAID.exe file.

Type in the

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Take over the mouse button(s) with a single click!
KeyMacro is a Windows and Mac OS native application that acts as a front end for other applications’ macro functions. It monitors your keyboard and allows you to define macros for keyboard shortcuts, hotkeys, menu items, dialogs and more.
Install KeyMacro in Mac OSX and Windows, making it a necessary accessory for you.
KEYMACRO’s developers, Managed by Geektude, have created an application that you can use to implement the new hotkeys and shortcuts you desire, keeping you protected and performing all the tasks you need with a single mouse click.
KeyMacro was designed in such a way to be able to add different key combinations for each function: the application monitors which keys are pressed in the machine you use, and by attaching it to other software, it allows you to run hotkeys that are natively within the application’s context.
KeyMacro is compatible with all major OS’s and window managers, such as Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.
In addition, the application also allows you to assign one single hotkey to many functions, which in itself, is a valuable feature, as it cuts down on the time needed to use the software.
Want to know more? Read on to find out how to get more from KeyMacro.
Install keymacro in Windows 10
In Windows 10, you can install KeyMacro by using the following steps:
Step 1: Open Windows Store by clicking the Start button and search Windows Store.
Step 2: Click the Store button to open the Store.
Step 3: Click Apps, then search for KeyMacro.
Step 4: Select the KeyMacro icon. Click Install.
Step 5: Click OK.
Step 6: Choose a shortcut from the context menu.
Step 7: Add keymacro.exe to your startup programs and enjoy.
Install keymacro in Windows 8.1
Open the Start screen and search Windows Store.
Click the Store button.
Click Apps.
Search for KeyMacro.
Select the KeyMacro icon and click Install.
Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the installation.
Add keymacro to startup.
Navigate to the Start screen.
Select the Search charm.
Type, “cmd.”
Select the Start Menu Search results option.
Select the command prompt (CMD

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DocRAID is a powerful and effective utility which aims to protect and distribute any document or file that is a safe haven for your most important data. The application offers you the ability to encrypt your sensitive data by simply selecting the right keyfile, and more importantly, the right key file size.
The application provides a number of tools for you to use, such as a password manager, lockers, password generator and of course the encryption tool. It also enables you to share documents with others, whether it is via custom links, SSH, cloud storage, FTP server or even USB keys.
Our favorite: The AES-256 encryption algorithm
DocRAID is able to use the 256-bit AES algorithm to encrypt your files. The encryption works with a number of encryption keys, allowing you to select from between 8 and 32 for the key size.
The encryption key is then used to encrypt your sensitive data by using the ‘Key Recovery’, ‘S/Key’ and ‘Menu’ options. These options will allow you to retrieve the decryption key, but also to reset it and change its size.
You can change the file format, whether it is BIN, TAR, ZIP, GZIP, 7z, RAR or 7z-TAR, so you are free to choose what you want to encrypt.
DocRAID also offers you a keyfile recovery tool so you can retrieve the decryption key, once you are unable to enter it.
What’s new in DocRAID:
The software’s support for file format has been greatly improved. You are now free to choose from BIN, TAR, ZIP, GZIP, 7z, RAR or 7z-TAR file formats.
You can now generate a backup for your keyfiles in case of the need to recover them.
The application also offers an integrated browser and a document previewer, which means that you can work with your files in an interactive manner, from the software itself.
All of the above improvements will be introduced in the coming version 1.9 of DocRAID.
Document management
DocRAID’s database is a keyfiles list. As long as they are installed, you can drag and drop them on the application’s interface, then you can select the ones that you wish to encrypt. Once you make the choice, the rest of the process is straightforward.
You can select the keyfile by

What’s New in the?

LiteDoc Builder brings a unique set of features to document design and publishing.
First, it helps you organize, cleanse and construct your documents quickly. Then, you can easily insert documents, such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or PDF files or even create a new one using its templates.
The app offers you the capability to add hyperlinks, captions, annotations and other document details, which can be also freely modified. Lastly, it helps you create publishing services such as websites, blogs and newsletters.
For developers, it offers a toolset that can be used to create rich interactive document applications. The API is well documented so you can integrate your application with an existing CRM solution, an online survey tool or a custom complex workflow, or just quickly put together a basic app.
System requirements:
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
2 GHz processor
200 MB free hard drive space

DocRAID LiteDocBuilderLiteDoc Builder is a unique software that offers you a toolset to build dynamic documents.
Its main features enable you to organize, cleanse and construct your documents quickly. The application includes a set of useful templates that will help you to create PDF documents, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, as well as create an HTML file from a WYSIWYG editor.
The app is also smart, as it allows you to use a library of hyperlinks, captions, annotations and other document details. There are over 20 rich formats that you can use to insert documents, such as, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe PDF files, or create a new one using the application’s templates.
Another feature is that it enables you to set headers, footers and borders, and can easily convert your document into a PDF. For developers, the API is well documented so you can integrate your application with an existing CRM solution, a online survey tool or a custom complex workflow.
DocRAID LiteDocBuilderLiteDoc Builder is a reliable and easy to use document creation and publishing tool.

It is recommended that you move the encrypted backup file to another drive in order to reduce the risk of accidental deletion.
When the encryption is initiated and is finished, the encrypted file will be overwritten by the specified encryption password. If you change your mind and decide that you do not want to keep the backup file encrypted, all you need to do is to specify the correct password to decrypt the backup file.
If you are using 3rd party encrypted file storage, this means that the encrypted file will be stored at the 3rd party location. You will be unable to access the file, unless you possess the required encryption password.

DocRAID LiteDocBuilderLiteDoc Builder is a unique software that offers you a toolset to build dynamic documents.
Its main features enable you to organize

System Requirements:

Compatible with Windows XP/Vista
Compatible with Windows 7/8/10
System Requirements:
Original Xbox. Original Xbox Controller.
Compatible with Windows 7/8/