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Wednesday, March 22, 2009

What is DBF2
DBF2 is a database management software that allows to open, modify and save DBF, dBaseIII, FoxPro, Clipper, and Memo files. It provides a wide range of database features, such as file format translation, record and table editing, data encryption, etc. It’s only free trial version is available!
Let’s see the details:
What’s the main features of dbfUtils:
· Automatic translation between DBF, dBaseIII, FoxPro, Clipper, and Memo files.
· Wide range of database features.
· Encryption of files to avoid unauthorized copies.
· Select record from a list and delete them.
· Edit any field of any record.
· Insert or delete record.
· Pack and unpack records.
· Backup and restore.
· Paste record.
· View record as list.
· View record as table.
· View record as memo.
· Sort records by field value.
· View headers of any table.
· Create new table from selected records.
· Open a file with a specified window size.
· Convert text to byte.
· Print any record.
· Create new windows for any database.
· Backup file.
· Merge files.
· Split file.
· Split list into records.
· Insert field in a record.
· Update existing field.
· Update several fields in a record.
· Update all records in file.
· Delete entire file.
· Edit data of any field.
· Sort any record according to order list.
· Export data of any file to other formats.
· Import data of any file to this format.
· View columns of any field.
· Fill table with any numbers.
· View record as grid.
· Convert to many different types of files.
· Export to other formats.
· Import from comma-separated, tab or space-delimited files.
· Open database in its own window.
· Zip and unzip files.
· Search records by exact or partial names.
· View any field of any record.
· Convert files.
· Open database from ZIP file.
· Convert database from a specified format.
· View any field of any table.
· Format files according

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dbfUtils is a convenient, full-featured utility for viewing, editing, modifying, converting and exporting DBF-format databases (Clipper-ntx, FoxPro-cdx, HiPer-SIx-nsx and dBase III w/o indexes).
dbfUtils will also provide you with the possibility to add, delete, recall, sort, zap, pack records, view and edit tables, get detailed database information.
It includes a hex viewer to view records, memos or the whole table.
Here are some key features of “dbfUtils”:
· User defined Report Generator
· Generates C++ and Delphi source Code
· Index Flip
· Duplicate Record
· Delete all Filtered records
· Copy Filtered/Queried records to a new table
· Convert tables from/to Clipper, FoxPro, HiPer-Six, including index and memos.
· Export Grid to HTML, Excel, Word, RTF, CSV, SDF, TAB, Text, DIF, and SYLK
· Import Table from comma, tab, and space delimited files.
· Fill Table with random data
· Supported functions are: Table creation, index creation, automatic generation of Table and index creation Source code, table encryption, table decryption, packing tables, deleting, adding, editing and printout of table structures, indexes, undeletion of records and more.
· Creating New Fox, Clipper, or HiPer Slx Tables
· Viewing Table Attributes
· Creating New Queries
· Searching on any indexed field in a table
· Selecting which columns to view in the data grid
· Exporting the data from the selected table / query
· Adding or Deleting an Index on the table
· Adding or Deleting a Field on the table
· Renaming the table
DbfUtils.exe version:
System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32 and 64 bit)
Internet access.
DbfUtils comes with a 30-days trial.
After the trial expires you will have to purchase the full version of dbfUtils.
After installing dbfUtils, unpack its contents to any desired location on your PC.
The installation location can be set using the Edit | Options | dbfUtils | View/Edit Database | Edit | Options | General |

What’s New In DbfUtils?


System Requirements For DbfUtils:

Supported: Windows 7 SP1 or later
OS X 10.8 or later
Keyboard and mouse
Current Generation Intel Core i5/i7 processor
16 GB of RAM
Sufficient Hard Drive space
1024×768 minimum display resolution
On the Mac, the recommended system is a Macbook Pro with a 1 TB hard drive.
Minimum Requirements:
Supported: Windows XP SP3 or later
OS X 10.6 or later
1024×768 minimum display resolution