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The overall consensus on Logan, however, was that the characters were underdeveloped, the film predictable, and its tone too heavy. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone gave it 1.5 out of four stars and said, “Logan goes one further than Deadpool, placing its tortured, violent image before our eyes rather than behind. Logan is writer-director James Mangold’s grim and deliciously bloody revenge fantasy, in which our hero becomes the proverbial man without a country.”[294] Peter DeBruge of also gave it one and a half stars, and stated, “By its conclusion, Logan is so inexplicably grim and nihilistic that it comes across as an exercise in nihilism.”[295]

Chris Nashawaty of E! Online gave the film 2.5 out of five stars and said, “Logan gets a lot of things right that other superhero movies get wrong. The arrow of time is so prominent in the movie that it quickly gives way to two of the other X-Men movies’ major flaws: post-credits scenes and undercooked character arcs.”[296]

Starz Entertainment Group had announced: “James Mangold’s Logan will no longer be opening its new Starz Contemporary Imports movie series of films at the Cannes Film Festival. Mangold intends to make it the centerpiece of the Cannes lineup.”[297]

Logan was an R-rated film, with the MPAA rating it with an R-rating in the US when it opened and R-rating when it was rereleased. A version which rated the film NC-17 (with cuts to remove some of the violence and more dialogue changes) was submitted to the UK’s BBFC before the film’s screening, but was rejected. The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) also gave an R-rating, an upgrade from the previous NC-17 rating given to a previous X-Men: Apocalypse. The Phonogram Institute of Malaysia gave the film a Parental Advisory rating for the film’s graphic violence.