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File Date : 2020-08-19

: 2020-08-19 Category : Software

: Software Needs : WinRAR 5.61 or later

: WinRAR 5.61 or later Size: 2.2 Mb

2.2 Mb Activation : True

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Key Features:

Record in 1:1 or 1:2 aspect ratio

Record mobile gameplay

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Screencast windows application

Up to 12 simultaneous streams

Console version (Record any console in your home)

Now you can record big screen, no limit.

Bandicam Crack: A video or an image in a photo can be recorded in a screenshot. It is the best free screen capture app for Windows and macOS.

Why Bandicam is your best choice of screen recorder?

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The key features of Bandicam Crack that makes it different from other similar programs is its portability.

You can use it on a laptop, desktop, netbook, and also mobile devices; the program runs on almost all operating systems including Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

So, your computer is perfect for recording gameplay or teaching videos in the classroom.

Moreover, Bandicam Crack is fast and efficient which offers a complete recording solution for professionals as well as casual users.

You can edit video easily, then apply blur or other effects, and save as many formats as you like.

The end result is a video that you can share on social media or insert into a PowerPoint presentation.

It’s simple, affordable and fully

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c++ weak_ptr/smart_ptr, how to know if the pointer is null?

I have something like this:
shared_ptr sA;
shared_ptr sB;
shared_ptr sC;

If sA and sB are pointing to nullptr, how can I make sure sC is pointing to nullptr?


You need to construct the objects with
shared_ptr sA(new class_A);
shared_ptr sB(new class_B);
shared_ptr sC(new class_C);

instead of
shared_ptr sA;
shared_ptr sB;
shared_ptr sC;


shared_ptr does not know about objects in the first place, if they are null.
If you don’t want to store them in your collection, you can make them weak_ptr’s:
weak_ptr wA(new class_A);
weak_ptr wB(new class_B);
weak_ptr wC(new class_C);